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    Schedule :

    The Registration for admission starts from 1st February every year. The New Session, for all classes (including IX & XI) starts from 1st April every year.

    Eligibility : The candidate should have the age of 3 plus years for Nursery Class. Entrance Tests & Interviews are conducted for admissions in class I & onwards.

    Steps to be an ADARSHian : Meeting the eligibility criterion, the candidate seeking admission needs to follow the following steps to be an ADARSHian:The eligible candidate seeking admission needs to register for Entrance Test as per schedule.
    The registered candidate has to appear in the Entrance Test as per schedule followed by an Interview. Based on the performance in the Test & Interview and subject to the availability of seats, the candidate will be offered to take admission.


    The parents can withdraw their child from the school by submitting an application 15 days in advance. They can collect the School Leaving Certificate after Seven days from the date of submission of the application.
    Refund of Dues in Case of Withdrawl : In case of withdrawal within first month of admission, building fund and annual dues shall be refunded in full.In case of withdrawal within two months of admission, 50% amount of building fund and annual dues shall be refunded.In case of withdrawal after two months of admission, no refund except security deposited by student, if any, shall be admissible.

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  • Dues Payment in case of discontinuance of the use of a facility :

    If a boarder wants to be a day scholar, he will be required to pay full charges of a regular hostler for the remaining part of that session.If a day boarder availing conveyance facility provided by the school then he will have to pay the conveyance charges for the complete session even if he stops availing the facility during the mid of session.In case of indiscipline in the hostel or in the school vehicle the student can be expelled from the hostel or disallowed the use of school vehicle. In such cases, however, the student will have to continue to pay the regular hostel or conveyance charges, as the case may be, for remaining period of the session.

  • NOTE

    The amount of security deposited by the students can be claimed within one year from the date of leaving the school failing which the security amount shall be adjusted to the society funds.

    For verification of attestation of any document by the school authorities, the verified/attested document shall be delivered to the parent/student after three days from the date of submission.

    For any document, to be prepared by the school authorities, the required document shall be delivered to the parents/students after a period of seven days from the date of submission.

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